Bespoke Direct Investments For Family Offices


Bastiat Partners has carved out a niche by reimagining the original concept of investment banking.

We are focused on providing thoughtful, value-added investment banking advisory services to a select group of clients and connecting them to an emerging class of investors (primarily family offices) who are looking to bypass the traditional PE, Growth Equity or VC structure to make direct investments.

By leveraging our proprietary sourcing efforts and our global network of business partners, we are able to bring unique opportunities to our group of family offices, matching their specific investment criteria, in terms of desired size, industry and development stage.

As a private independent office, we are not constrained by near-term goals and are able to sit side by side with our clients to achieve unique solutions.

By stressing discretion, confidentiality and patience, our clients feel comfortable in our long-term advisory and investing approach.


Bastiat Partners LLC,
1999 Avenue of the Stars STE 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90067
+1 (424) 253 1150

Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction:
11390 W. Olympic Blvd
Suite 380
Los Angeles, CA 90064